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Dr. Benedetti headshot

Enrico Benedetti, M.D.

Head of Surgery

University of Illinois Medical Center

University of Illinois at Chicago

Did you know the University of Illinois Medical Center at Chicago is home to one of the most minimally invasive surgical procedures in the world – a procedure performed to treat a variety of conditions, including certain forms of cancer?


Unlike conventional open surgery, the procedure requires only a few small incisions. As a result, patients experience reduced pain, minimal scarring and quicker recovery times. In fact, hospital stays frequently are reduced to only a few days. 


It's called robotic-assisted surgery, a procedure whose origins lie in treatments such as laparoscopic surgery.


The difference is that robotic-assisted surgery is employed to perform more complex procedures, and with better results than conventional open surgery.


The University of Illinois Medical Center long has been recognized as one of the nation's leading teaching hospitals and research institutions, as evidenced by its surpassing work in the fields of neonatology, stroke care and neurosurgery. Now it is at the vanguard of a procedure that is transforming the way modern medicine approaches complex surgeries.


If you're a candidate for surgery, we urge you to learn more about the robotic-assisted surgery unit at the University of Illinois Medical Center. Please take a moment to read through this Web site and learn why candidates for surgery are embracing the University of Illinois Medical Center Difference.