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Doctor Giulianotti

Dr. Pier Cristoforo Giulianotti
Chief of Division

Our Surgical Team


Although robotic-assisted surgery is performed at locations around the world, only a handful of surgeons have simultaneously mastered and advanced this groundbreaking technology.


You can find them on staff at UIC Medical Center.



Pier Cristoforo Giulianotti, MD, FACS
Lloyd M. Nyhus Chair

Professor and Chief of the Division

Subhashini Ayloo, MD, FACS
Assistant Professor of Surgery


Enrique Fernando Elli, MD
Assistant Professor of Surgery

Nursing Staff
Celia Chretien, RN, MS
Yeilie Concepcion, MSN APRN-BC
Melissa Murphey, MSN NP-C

Research and Training Specialists
Francesco Bianco, MD
Robotic Research and Training Specialist

Administrative Staff
Daniela Nita

Project Coordinator