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"Imagine an alternative to open surgery that requires only a few small incisions, has you back on your feet within days and back home within days of that. Minimal pain. Fewer complications. Quicker recovery time."

The Robotics Advantage


Robotic-assisted surgery builds upon benefits associated with laparoscopic surgery, the first procedure to reduce morbidity related to conventional open surgery.


All robotic procedures are performed through small incisions – each a mere 8 mm in length – thereby eliminating the long incisions and permanent scarring characteristic of open surgery. Patient benefits include minimal risk for wound infection, less postoperative pain and reduced consumption of analgesics. In addition, reduced pain and fewer complications translate into a much earlier discharge date. 


The surgeon operates while seated comfortably in front of an ergonomic console that provides a perfect view of the surgical field. Because the arrangement minimizes fatigue, the surgeon achieves greater accuracy and precision than that associated with conventional open surgery.


Due to its technical advantages, robotic-assisted surgery can be used to execute even the most complex procedures.


Patient Advantages:


Small Incision

Results include reduced postoperative pain, reduced risk for wound infection, and better aesthetics.


Reduced blood loss

Superior accuracy allows surgeons to achieve superior precision while manipulating tissue, thereby reducing blood loss and reducing or eliminating the need for transfusions.


Fewer complications

Smaller incisions and less trauma to the body dramatically minimize the rate of pulmonary and infectious complications. The result is earlier discharge and quicker recovery.


Quicker access to complementary treatment

Reduced complications and earlier recovery allow patients to more quickly receive complementary therapies such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy.